Click here to return to the Contents Page Click here to return to the Commodore 64 page Click here to return to the Home page Welcome, palaeontophiles. Though extinct for many millions of years, I have been asked to present this collection of pictures on behalf of the Zzap! Magazine Appreciation Society. I am happy to do so: I spent many months flying around the offices of that particular publication, offering advice when asked, and attacking small mammals. But as many a dinosaur will tell you, nothing lasts forever, and it wasn't long before I was chased from the building by a group of loathsome pterodactyl haters. Naturally, I was a little deflated afterwards, but you pick yourself up and move on. (Unless you're one of those smarty-pants 'ooh-aren't-we-so-special' tyrannosaurs, in which case you sink into the mud and slowly turn to coal—well, who's got the last laugh now, eh Rex?) ...I apologise: this is not the forum to vent my personal complaints. Anyway, here I am, and there are the links to the individual galleries, below: click on a picture or text to visit the section of your choice. If that sounds like too much hassle, you can use my body to navigate your way out of here. Click on my head to fly back to the Zzap! Contents; on my left wing to glide to the C64 page; and on my right wing to soar back to the Home page. Please don't click on my neck however; it's been a little sensitive since I suffered a bad landing a couple of years ago. Herman Pterodactyl

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