Throw up to the Contents Page Chuck yourself to The Burrow Ralph and huey to the C64 page Okay, okay, there never actually was a Zzap!107. I know that, you know that, and my pet stoat Roderick knows it. Zzap! ran to Issue 90, and its successor Commodore Force took up the baton for another sixteen months, making a total of 106 issues in all. So what's this page all about? Well, it's a long and unbelievably dull story, which I'll try to keep as short as possible—but if you don't want to hear it, just click here to download the new issue. Alternatively, click on my head to return to the Zzap! contents, on my arm to visit The Burrow, and on my initials to go to my Commodore 64 pages. And if you do download z107, and feel enthusiastic enough to have an opinion, you can email me here:.

The background
In the summer of 2001, a guy called Gazunta on the Zzap! Rrap message board over at the Def Guide to Zzap!64 mentioned that it would be a neat idea to bring out a new issue of Zzap!... It quickly became apparent that this idea was a) popular, and b) not stupid. We realised that we could easily fill three dozen pages with reviews of recent C64 games (yes, there still
are some) and features on the current Commodore scene (yes, there still is one). A crazed mob rushed to contribute—resulting in five months of blood, sweat and emails, and a brand new 36-page special. Particular credit should go to Gaz, who organised the whole thing; to Craig Grannell, who designed the pages from scratch, laid them out, and even found time for editorial work; and to Ant Stiller, who drew all the reviewer heads and did much more besides... But around 20 other people contributed too, including ex-Zzapers Paul Glancey and Robin Hogg—and me, because I can't keep my nose out of anything.

The contents
So what's inside the latest issue? For a full list of contents and contributors, click here... But basically, there are seven new reviews; old favourites such as Lloyd, the Scorelord and the White Wizard; regulars such as the news, previews, and tips; and features on emulators, websites, a history of Zzap!, and the current audio and demo scenes.

The top 50 games
Back in September 2001, we posted messages on the web asking people to list their favourite C64 games of all time. Over 300 replies were received, with nominations ranging from the universally-loved Paradroid to an obscure Hungarian text adventure called Új vadnyugat. The new issue has details of the Top 10 (and includes the Top 5, with instructions, on its accompanying Mega-tape). However, if you want to know which games made it into the Top 50, click here. (Alternatively, right-click here and select 'Save Target As' to download the list as a text file.)

So how do I get hold of the new Zzap!?
Two versions are available for download: lo-res (4.8Mb), which is ideal for reading on screen, and fine for a basic printing job (at 720dpi or better); and hi-res (30Mb), for anyone who wants a good print copy which they can stroke lovingly, before binding it firmly with staples and slipping it carefully into a maroon binder. Either way, you can get them here. Both are .pdf files, viewable with Adobe's (free) Acrobat Reader software, which you can download here.

Will there ever be another one?
Maybe, maybe not. It was fun while it lasted, but it took a lot of voluntary work on behalf of a lot of people. If we get huge numbers of requests for another one, and we summon the enthusiasm (and find the time) to create z108, it could just happen. But for now, this is definitely the last ever issue of a once-great magazine. We hope you enjoy reading it...