Reanimate the Zzap! Contents Resurrect the Burrow home page Resurrect the Burrow home page Reincarnate the C64 pages Resurrect the Burrow home page Welcome, retro fans old and new, to the wonderful world of Zzap! My own meagre contribution to that venerable organ is well documented: I was master of the letters page for much of the magazine's long and successful life. My return now is not borne of a vain desire to revisit past glories, but the result of prolonged correspondences with Zzap! aficionados from around the globe. Their missives have alerted me to other manifestations of that noble tome which, in turn, I now pass on to you—click on the links below to learn more, and to read interviews with the goodly folk involved. Alternatively, click on my head to return to the Contents, on my letter to visit the C64 pages, and anywhere on my cardigan to visit The Burrow... Incidentally, despite my ghostly appearance and vicious rumours to the contrary, I am not dead—that nebulous glow which envelops me is simply an allergic reaction to tawny port and meerschaum smoke. There is no known cure, so please don't write to me with suggestions. However, if you have uncovered other incarnations of Zzap! on the web, or you'd simply like to chat about old times, email me and I'll reply as soon as my ferrets allow. LM





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