In deference to visitors who prefer the more serious intervals in Zzap!'s history, this Links page has been declared a Host-Free Zone. There will be no mention of pterodactyls, trolls, fish, or pantomime horses, and the words "hiyaaah", "nygaaah" and "waaagh" will appear nowhere other than in this introduction. Similarly, so-called "hatstand" comments—e.g. "there are more links here than you can shake a stick at"—have been censored where possible, and anything which could be mistaken for a "wacky" graphic has been omitted. In the spirit of such earnestness, the casual web surfer is advised to click here to return to the Zzap! Contents, here to visit the Commodore 64 pages, or here to visit The Burrow. If you'd like to recommend a Zzap! site, send me the details, and I'll add it to the list. Your faithfully, A. Bore (Mr).

» General sites

The Def Guide
to ZZAP! 64

History, editorials, articles, interviews, a message board, and even a complete set of scanned issues—Iain Black has it all.

Where are
they now?
I'm here at The Burrow, of course, but this link will tell you what happened to many others. The information was largely gleaned from the Zzap! Rrap message board, and Maff Rignall's excellent (but now sadly defunct) 'Where are they now?' site.
Zzap! reviews
Gamebase64's Demetrius Kiminas' ongoing project to convert Zzap! reviews into HTML format. A nice alternative to Iain Black's scanned issues.
» Interview sites
The Def Guide...
Paul Glancey, Kati Hamza.
CRASH online
An old but interesting interview with Oli Frey copied from Zzap!'s sister magazine, CRASH. It details how he got started in the business, and reveals some of the techniques he used to create those gorgeous covers.
Zzap! Towers
My own page, featuring former Zzap! staffers all of whom were posed the question, "What are your memories of working in the Towers?"

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